Shopping News – Rescue Beauty Lounge Aqua Lily and IKB: 2012

I had previously posted about the pre-order for the Fan Collection by Rescue Beauty Lounge here.  After the pre-orders shipped out, the collection went on public sale last week and in the first day or so it appeared both IKB: 2012 and Aqua Lily were sold out.  This is mainly based on how the carting system works on their website, but the good news is after shipping out and processing the orders received, there’s still some of both left but in very limited quantities.  I just received my pre-order yesterday (things take longer to get to Canada) and after seeing these in person – I can assure you it’s definitely not hype.  These colors are beautiful!

Here are some quick bottle shots – first up is IKB: 2012 and Cuprum.

Check out the gorgeous shimmer in Halcyon.  This shimmer looks a lot like the consistency of the shimmer you see in Catherine.

The shimmer in Aqua Lily is different than Halcyon.  It looks finer and the shimmer is like a bright flash of sunset pink. 

I tried to capture the gorgeous copper glitter bits in Cuprum, but I’m lacking some sunlight so it was hard to capture but you can see a bit of how it looks.  This is definitely one that is not very photogenic but gorgeous in person.
So anyways the point of this post is to spread the word in case any of you out there are needing Aqua Lily or IKB: 2012 in your life.  You may want to like Rescue Beauty Lounge on Facebook or follow them on twitter for the latest news.  Ji will be posting when the stock will be put up on their website.

Edit:  It should be either Sunday orsometime Monday and while I don’t really want to encourage stalking, these polishes are worth a bit of time investment.  I personally think the entire collection is fantastic so I’d snag everything if you can.

Happy shopping!

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One Response to Shopping News – Rescue Beauty Lounge Aqua Lily and IKB: 2012

  1. beachgal says:

    I cannot WAIT for Aqua Lily or IKB: 2012 to show up on RBL’s web site. I don’t buy many of this brand – but wow – when they have hits they do amazing things. I grabbed 3 bottles of Scragnie the very last time they said they ever would release it – it was for last year’s fan favs. This year RBL went a great direction, asking for fabulous fans of theirs to create these 4 polishes.

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