Dior 2012 Les Violets Hypnotique Trio

Dior had a stellar nail polish year last year and it seems like they have no intention of slowing down.  So far 2012 has been non-stop polish heaven coming from the labs of Dior.  From the campaign images, you can sense that this collection is très sophistiqué – very sophisticated with it’s trio of sultry purples.                                                                      The three purples in this collection include Shadow, Orchid, and Poison.  Shadow is a shimmery prune and looks similar to the hard to find oldie Licorice but it’s more muted and more blue-based rather than pink/red-based.  Orchid is a bright red-toned plum.  Poison is a deep blue-based purple which was made to match the bottle color of the iconic Dior fragrance by the same name.

(L - R): Shadow, Orchid, Poison

Now onto swatches!  I had no formula problems with any of these – all three were flawless and took two easy coats.

Shadow:                                                                                                                                    As you can see, the shimmer gives a glowing from within look and on the nail the shimmer is more subtle; it’s much more prominent in the bottle than on the nail.

Orchid:                                                                                                                                      This is a medium-toned purple and is sort of like a dark fuchsia.  It’s a warm purple to my eye.

If you’ve been looking for something like Chanel‘s Rouge Noir except in purple, this could be it for you.

Poison:                                                                                                                                      Last and definitely not least is Poison.  Poison was actually one of the first perfume samples my mom let me play around with and I remember feeling all grown-up and this nail polish brings some of that back to me.  This polish exudes sophistication and has an aura of mystery.  It’s a deep and very dark purple but doesn’t look like black; I think that’s the main difference between this and Purple Revolution.
This collection is currently not available for purchase in North America, but should be coming our way this summer likely sometime in late June/July.  Once a date is more clear, I’ll update this post.  This set of gorgeous purples is currently available in Dior boutiques in Europe.  As I previously posted about here, that’s how I got my set, from my wonderful friend and polish fairy, J.

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