Essie 2012 Neon Collection – Poppyrazzi Swatches

I had previously posted about this upcoming collection here.  I am so excited by this collection and it was hard to not post swatches earlier, but I wanted to wait until these are supposed to hit stores because you may want to run out and pick these up ASAP.  I was really blown away by this collection and I can see all 4 of these polishes in heavy rotation this summer.  Neon isn’t exactly what you immediately think of when you think Essie, but when Essie branches out they bring it hard.  Just like how the Luxeffects collection was a standout this past holiday season, I think they’ve really nailed it with this neon collection.

These dry to a satin finish like most neons do and come in a hot pink (Lights), bright mandarin orange (Action), bright berry pink (Camera), and a bright orangey-red coral (Bazooka).  So depending on your preference, if you like glossy, you’ll need to use a shiny top coat for sure.  This just adds to the potential looks you can achieve with this collection.

(L - R): Action, Lights, Camera, Bazooka

First up are Action and Lights:

Action is a bright mandarin orange and it is just so vibrant and unlike a lot of the oranges that are currently out there on the market.  I did have a bit of trouble with the formula and it took 3 coats before I could get it to even out and not drag or streak.  My index and fourth finger have top coat and my third finger and pinky are just the 3 coats.  My preference is with the shiny top coat as it really brings out the juicy-ness of the color.

Lights is a searing bright hot pink.  It reminds me of the same type of bright pink Reese Witherspoon’s character, Elle, would wear in the movie Legally Blonde.  This one I think you could potentially find a dupe.  I had no problems with formula on this one and this is two coats of polish.  This one it’s hard to differentiate, but my index and fourth finger are only polish and my third finger and pinky have top coat.

The next two are Camera and Bazooka:

Camera is a really pretty neon pink.  This is not bubblegum pink/ blue pink like Lights.  This is more berry-like and actually once I had it on my nails, it reminded me a lot of one of my favorite colors by Dior called Paradise, which came out last year in a set called the Electric Tropics Duo with a special top coat.  So this will be perfect for those who missed out on the Dior but would like a similar look for much less.  My index and fourth finger have top coat and my middle finger and pinky are polish only.  The formula on this one was also great and this is two coats.

Bazooka is my favorite of this quartet and I’ve saved the best for last.  It’s a really bright blood orange and not like anything I’ve seen.  It’s not as orange as other bright oranges like Dior Aloha and Deborah Lippmann Lara’s Theme.  The formula on this one was also great – two coats.  My index and fourth fingers have top coat and my third finger and pinky are polish only.

I’m really impressed by this collection and very happy to have all four in my polish stash.  With these, I’m all set for the summer and upcoming long weekends and vacations.  These should be available in stores in May and you’ll find ads in your May issue of beauty/fashion magazines if you want to see Essie‘s official marketing campaign.

Disclosure:  This collection was provided to me for review and is not a personal purchase. This is not a paid review and reflects my personal opinions.  For further information, please refer to my disclosure policy.

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2 Responses to Essie 2012 Neon Collection – Poppyrazzi Swatches

  1. beachgal says:

    You really captured these shades well in your photos. I have seen 2 others try and one did OK – the other made them look like opaque creams and not what they are at all. I have been having fun with these because they are different than any other neons I have – they are not garish and never age 11-13 looking.

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