Pretty and Polished Galax-E and Lynnderella Shape Shifter

In my previous post, here, I mentioned how IKB: 2012 by Rescue Beauty Lounge marks the end of Nora’s constant search for the perfect Yves Klein blue polish.  Well, today I have here for you the polish that ends my search for the perfect starry space nails: Galax-E by Pretty and Polished.  Chels has outdone herself here – again!  I had previously shared the hot and beautiful Midnight Rider, see here, and Galax-E is the same.  It is sparkly but not in-your-face over-the-top sparkly and very impressive – it is SMOOTH.  Yes my friends, FINALLY a super super shiny black base with holographic glitter that is SMOOTH.  I literally jumped up and down with joy when it arrived and once again when I had it on my nails.  Check out the gorgeous bottle shot:

This is everything I wished China Glaze Cosmic was.

I couldn’t bear to take this gorgeous polish off so a few days later to change up the look I added Lynnderella Shape Shifter to see how that would look.  It definitely moves from a more subtle mani to one that is more fun which I think made a great transition from work week to weekend.

You can purchase Galax-E from Pretty & Polished‘s Etsy Store in both a mini size (7mL) for $4.75USD and a full size (15mL) for $8.00USD plus shipping.  Lynnderella polishes are available on llarowe‘s online store via a wish list ordering process.  Note that llarowe is not currently taking any wish lists until the current round of wish list fulfillment is complete.

If you’ve been searching for a nail polish that reminds you of space and looking up at the glittery sky on a clear night at the cottage or while camping, Galax-E really fits the bill and since it’s smooth to the touch, you don’t have to glob on tons of thick topcoat.

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